Knightstone residents become Dementia aware

Following a “Dementia Friends” and “Purple Angel Campaign” session on 24th June, residents in Knightstone Housing, Springfielkds, Filton become Dementia aware.

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Airport to incorporate Dementia awareness into their staff training

Following a meeting between BDAA and Jacqui Mills on 17th June, Bristol International Airport is to introduce Dementia awareness into their staff training. This will make it the first Dementia Aware Airport in the world (unless you know otherwise!).

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“Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly City” Roadshow?

On Friday 13th June, our third”Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly” Roadshow was held at the Brunelcare HQ in Saffron Gardens, Whitehall. Local MP, Kerry McCarthy attended and gave her support to our objective of creating a Dementia Friendly Community in the city and also backing the Purple Angel Campaign to increase Dementia awareness.

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New campaign from BDAA: What should you do on diagnosis?

95 fridge magnet 003

BDAA are now distributing fridge magnets (like the one shown above) to GP’s, so that freshly diagnosed patients and their carers can be encouraged to seek help and support early on so that they can live well with Dementia.

An extract from the explanatory letter given to carers is:-

“Dear Carer,

As the carer for my wife who has Frontal Temporal Dementia, I am passionate about supporting folk who have just been given a diagnosis of Dementia. Therefore, I have asked the doctor who gave you and your loved one a diagnosis of Dementia, to give you this pack in the hope that it will help you.

Looking back to our own experience, as we left the consulting room, questions I asked were:-

  • Where do we go from here?
  • How long have we got?
  • What happens to our retirement plans?
  • What support is out there for people living with Dementia?

You may be asking the same questions!

Well, the good news is that you are not alone, there is help and support available.

Bristol Dementia Action Alliance has produced a fridge magnet which lists the first four things to be done on receipt of a diagnosis:-

  1. Contact the Alzheimer’s Society                                               –              0117 961 0693
    – to see what local help and support is available
  2. Contact Age UK                                                                                –              0117 922 5353
    – who will talk you through what benefits you are entitled to and help you fill out the forms.
  3. Contact the Carer’s Centre                                                          –              0117 939 2562
    – to see what Carer support and respite is available.
  4. Complete a Power of Attorney
    – particularly if you are a house–owner

I hope that you will find this information useful and if you do, could you please let me know (contact details below). Thank you.

For more information about BDAA, please go to

Yours sincerely

Tony Hall

Chair      –              Bristol Dementia Action Alliance

Tel:                         0117 968 1002                    Mobile                  07849 403018”

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Local MP Backs Purple Angel Campaign

Local Bristol MP Steven Williams backs the Purple Angel Campaign to increase dementia awareness and “Tweets” to voice his support.


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Avon Valley Railway becomes Dementia Aware

Avon Valley Railway is the first heritage railway in the UK to become Dementia Aware under the Purple Angel scheme

Tony Hall, a volunteer with the Bitton-based Railway, set up the Bristol Dementia Action Alliance after his wife, Barbara, was diagnosed with Dementia and it aims to help make Bristol a Dementia-friendly city

“At the Railway we have ensured everyone who comes into contact with customers have had training so that everyone is treated with the common courtesy and respect which we all expect. We have always been Dementia aware at the Railway but this is formalising it.”

The Purple Angel campaign was started in Torquay by Norman McNamara after he was really badly treated in a store and thought this is never going to happen again.They used the Purple Angel to define what they were doing.

Common problems encountered by those with dementia include issues with money handling, confusion and staring, spatial awareness, speech, repetitiveness and the speed at check outs. Says Tony: “A little patience and understanding will help enormously and we have produced a guide for businesses which can be shared with staff. Just reading the guide will increase Dementia awareness in people and the use of the Purple Angel sticker will show customers and potential customers that an organisation is Dementia Aware. Avon Valley Railway now has the Purple Angel sticker on its trains, in the buffet, shop and ticket office.”

The heart of Avon Valley Railway is Bitton Station an original Midland Railway station, which like the locomotives, carriages and track, has been restored by a team of dedicated volunteers. Without the volunteers, the locomotives wouldn’t operate or be restored, tickets wouldn’t be sold and the site wouldn’t be maintained – but thanks to them and those that visit, the railway is being restored for the delight of current and future generations.

For more information on Avon Valley Railway visit or call 0117 932 5538

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Elmlea Junior School becomes Dementia Aware

Dementia Awareness Workshops have also taken place with Year 6 children at Elmlea Junior school as part of PSHE and will be recommended to other schools, young people’s clubs and uniformed organisations in Bristol in the coming year.

All workshops included some information about what Dementia is, how the symptoms can be seen in people and, more importantly, how it can be managed.

Use of drama, a quiz and the making of a “Purple Angel – We are Dementia Aware” poster helped to confirm the key messages.

Some of the school children’s quotes

 ‘it was moving’

‘it was sad – not what I expected’

‘it makes me want to find out more’

‘very interesting’

‘it made me think’

‘it’s good because now I’m aware’


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Bristol’s First Dementia Aware Brownie Pack

The Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDAA) hosted its first Dementia Aware Workshop for children with the 28th Brownies in Westbury on Trym Baptist Church recently.

Run by volunteers, BDAA aims to provide children with greater awareness and understanding of Dementia, in line with its mission to help make Bristol a Dementia friendly city – in short, a city where the needs of those with Dementia and their families and carers – of all ages – are better understood .

Some quotes from the Brownies:-

 “I was inspired by what Tony said. I felt very sorry for his wife but I think it is very nice that he takes care of her. Dementia is something that I would like to help end. Thank you Tony for your visit.” Talya.

“I really enjoyed all the activities, especially the acting. It was really good to understand more about dementia.” Maddie.

“I really enjoyed Tony’s visit about dementia. I felt sad that your wife couldn’t remember your grandchildren’s names. I felt inspired by the purple angel. I hope we can beat dementia.” Ella.

“I enjoyed making the poster with the Purple Angel and the world. I liked doing the acting and being the person with dementia, it made me think how it would feel.” Lottie.

“Last week we learned about being dementia aware. My favourite thing was a quiz that had muddled up words.” Madeleine

“The dementia session was very inspirational and I now know how I can react if anything happens to my grandparents. Tony helped me realise how people affected by dementia may feel.” Fran.

“ I learnt a lot. My favourite part was when we acted out scenarios about dementia.” Suzannah.

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