What We Do

How do we operate?

There are several strands to our operation:-

Retail Sector:

Volunteers will visit every retailer and business in the Bristol area, over a two year period, with a “Dementia Awareness Guide” which describes:-

  • what dementia is
  • how its symptoms can be recognised
  • and more importantly how the individual can be assisted and helped.

If the retailer agrees to ensure its staff read the guide and thus become aware of the issues, then they will be awarded a “Purple Angel Sticker” to place in the window of their premises, indicating that that firm is “Dementia Aware” and that help and understanding is available to both the individual and/or their carer. This will help to build Dementia friendly communities. We also plan to visit bus and coach companies, taxi firms, and business and commercial organisations.

Business Communities:

We also plan to visit businesses and their business associations or trade groups in a similar way we visit retailers or by addressing their particular group. We particularly want to talk to bus companies, taxi firms, ferry companies and transport organisations.

If you’re a business and this interests you, please click here 


Most children have grandparents, some of whom may have Dementia. It is therefore crucial to help children be aware of and understand the Dementia they see in their own family.

Going into schools and running an assembly, using drama for example, is a good way of involving children in learning about Dementia and how to deal with it in a safe environment. We are currently approaching schools to do this.

Click here if you would be interested in us running a workshop at your school.

Children’s Organisations:

Organisations like Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies and Cubs etc. earn badges for demonstrating skills. My own church groups have been approached to see if we can work out how children of various ages can earn a “Dementia Aware” badge at the relevant skill levels.

Click here if you are a scouter or guider and are interested in a dementia aware workshop.

Youth Organisations:

Similar to our approach with children’s organisations, we plan to contact youth organisations like Scouts, Guides and youth clubs using drama as a learning tool.

Working with Health Service Professionals:

We plan to encourage each GP practice to appoint a “Dementia Lead” who can act as a single point of contact for Dementia issues. This will greatly help those organisations and groups working with people who have Dementia and their carers when linking with GP’s.

Clubs & Organisations

Sports and leisure organisations may have contact with folk with Dementia sand their carers and would benefit from learning what Dementia is, how to recognise the symptoms and more importantly, how to manage it.

Other Ideas:

We are always open to any other ideas and will explore ways to introduce Dementia awareness into the community. If you have any bright ideas please do not hesitate to let us know via the “Contact Us” facility.